One bookcase with touristic and regional information against two bookcases well-stocked with books about World War I, including a table showing recent publications on the subject. This was a part of the inventory in a local bookshop in a village in the Dordogne during a visit in the fall of 2007. Across the square from the bookshop the ‘monument aux morts 1914-1918’, with fresh flowers and clean flags. This village is no exception in France, there is a memorial in every town and village. The list of names on these memorials can be long, 20, 30, 50 victims, way too many for any small village. The country where I live took a neutral stance during WWI, the victims of WWII are commemorated once a year. La Grande Guerre never left France and is an everyday and visible presence in the public space, in parks, on intersections, squares and parking lots. And in bookshops.